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Collar Microphones

Collar Microphones

Collar Microphones

Collar Microphones

AudioLinks is offering incredible specials on popular collar microphones for every budget.

Collar microphones are designed to be worn around your collar, allowing you to move naturally with less obstruction than a traditional microphone. They can also be worn under your collar to reduce their visibility.

Learn more about microphones, or select microphones from among the following categories: condenser microphones, ribbon microphones, unidirectional microphones, omnidirectional microphones, cardioid microphones, wired microphones, and wireless microphones.

Examine our full line of collar microphones.

Califone CM316 Electret Collar Microphones
Save More Than 40% Off List!

Califone CM-316 collar microphones include a flexible gooseneck electret microphone that bends to any position for your comfort and convenience. This lightweight collar microphone is designed for use with the Califone M-316 belt pack transmitter. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $33.60
Our Price: $19.99 & handling

Paso MC63 Electret Collar Microphones
Save More Than 35% Off List!

Paso MC63 collar electret microphones feature a flexible and adjustable boom mic that fits comfortably around the neck. Paso collar microphones include a foam windscreen, cable and a 4-pin XLR mini connector. These microphones can be used with the Paso MW223 UHF belt pack transmitter, the MIW333 infrared transmitter and the MW283 for Soundcaster sound systems. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $82.00
Our Price: $49.99 + shipping & handling

Anchor Audio CM60 Dynamic Collar Microphones
Save More Than 10% Off List!

Anchor Audio CM-60 wireless collar microphones come with the TA4F 4 pin mini XLR plug designed for use with Anchor Audio UHF-6400 wireless microphone systems. Anchor Audio CM60 dynamic collar microphones work with a variety of Anchor Audio PA systems including the Anchor Audio Liberty, Xtreme, Explorer, AN-130 and the Megavox Pro sound systems. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $102.00
Our Price: $88.89 + shipping & handling

Anchor Audio UHF 6400 wireless collar microphone systems feature 64 channels and include CM-60 wireless collar microphones. Designed for use with Anchor Audio PA systems, these sturdy wireless microphone systems can also be used with virtually any other public address system. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $483.00
Our Price: Click Here!

Only $429.99!

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